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10 expert iOS developers available now!

Unlock the full potential of your mobile strategy with our bespoke iOS app development services. From ideation to launch, our experienced iOS developers bring your vision to life, ensuring an intuitive, robust, and scalable app experience that resonates with your audience. Benefit from our flexible hiring models designed to fit your project needs.

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Four Reasons to Hire iOS Developers


Proven Expertise

Our iOS developers are well-versed in the latest trends and technologies, ensuring your app stands out in a competitive market.


Quality and Efficiency

Experience high-quality development with swift turnarounds, translating to better efficiency for your project timeline.


Flexible Hiring Models

Whether you need one developer or a team, our flexible hiring options provide the right fit for your project's scale and duration.


Dedicated Support

Continual support and maintenance from our developers mean your iOS app stays ahead in performance and user experience.


A multi-stage process to ensure excellence.

Tell us about your request

We can help you define your project's objectives, technical requirements and team structure.


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We match you with the right fit, Guaranteed

Start working in days not weeks. 

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Hiring Senior iOS Developers: An In-Depth Guide

Discover the multitude of advantages that come with hiring skilled iOS developers, explore the top frameworks in use, compare the platform's strengths with other technologies, and learn the crucial roles, responsibilities, and skills required.

The Strategic Advantages of Hiring Senior iOS Developers

When you hire iOS developers, you ensure that your app taps into the lucrative Apple ecosystem.

Quality and security are hallmarks of iOS apps, offering users a reliable and safe experience.

iOS users are often willing to spend more on apps, increasing your potential revenue.

With a senior iOS developer, you can expect innovative solutions and cutting-edge design that align with the latest trends.

Global reach is heightened with iOS developers as your app can be made available across numerous countries through the App Store.

Professional iOS developers are adept at ensuring your app is optimized for all Apple devices, providing a unified brand experience.

By choosing senior expertise, your development process can become smoother and quicker, reducing time-to-market.

Top Frameworks in iOS Development: Advantages Unveiled

The iOS programming landscape boasts powerful frameworks like Swift and Objective-C, each offering unique strengths.

Swift provides clean syntax that makes code easier to read and write, promoting more efficient development.

Objective-C, with its roots in C, offers unparalleled compatibility with C and C++ for mixed-language projects.

Apple's UIKit framework lays the groundwork for constructing user interfaces that are both beautiful and functional.

Core Data is an object graph and persistence framework that simplifies data storage and management.

For high-performance graphic rendering and computation, Metal can give apps that extra edge.

Combine is a modern framework that simplifies managing asynchronous events in your app’s data and UI.

Comparing iOS Development with Other Technologies

iOS development stands distinctive, noted for its secure environment, compared to more open platforms like Android.

The hardware and software synergy in iOS ensures optimal performance and a more consistent user experience across devices.

iOS's strict App Store guidelines push developers toward higher-quality submissions.

Despite the flourishing cross-platform solutions, native iOS apps often have better access to device-specific features and capabilities.

From a development perspective, tools like Xcode provide a robust and dedicated environment specifically for iOS development, contributing to a more streamlined workflow.

Senior iOS Developer: Roles and Responsibilities

Senior iOS developers hold the pivotal role of driving the overall development cycle from ideation to deployment and updates.

They are expected to architect robust and scalable app solutions, ensuring alignment with business objectives.

Maintaining code quality through rigorous testing and revision is key.

These developers collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to integrate design and functionality effectively.

Keeping up-to-date with iOS updates and adopting the latest technologies is crucial for a senior iOS developer.

Their role often includes mentorship, guiding junior developers and helping them grow.

Essential Skills in a Senior iOS Developer

A comprehensive understanding of iOS frameworks like UIKit and Core Data is non-negotiable.

  • Profound knowledge in programming languages Swift and Objective-C is highly necessary.

  • Experience with third-party libraries and APIs comes handy.

  • The ability to handle version control systems such as Git is beneficial.

  • Familiarity with Apple’s design principles and user interface guidelines is a must.

  • An understanding of the full mobile development life cycle is valuable.

  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work in agile environments are required for senior positions.

Crafting the Perfect Job Description to Hire Senior iOS Developers

To attract top talent, be clear about the expert-level skills and experiences required.

  • Highlight the necessity for in-depth knowledge of iOS ecosystem, including frameworks, tools, and design guidelines.

  • Emphasize the importance of problem-solving abilities and the capacity to work both individually and as part of a team.

  • Ask for a proven track record in successfully launching apps in the App Store.

  • Specify the need for experience in maintaining code quality and automation tools.

  • Remember to mention soft skills such as communication, leadership, and time management.

Conclusion: Partner with FireHire for Your iOS Development Needs

By understanding the comprehensive benefits and requirements of hiring a senior iOS developer, businesses can ensure the creation of outstanding iOS applications.

FireHire is your trusted partner in this journey, offering you swift access to pre-vetted senior developers adept at the nuances of iOS development.

With our efficient hiring process, extensive tech expertise, and risk-free guarantee, you gain not only top-tier talent but also peace of mind.

Don't let the complexity of hiring slow you down; choose FireHire for expertise that caters specifically to your vision and business needs.

iOS Interview Questions And Answers

Top 5 Technical Interview Questions to ask when Hiring a iOS Developer:


What is the purpose of the AppDelegate file?

AppDelegate is a central point of control and coordination for apps in iOS. It works with the app to handle startup, state transitions, and other system-wide events.


Can you explain what a closure is in Swift?

A closure in Swift is a self-contained block of functionality that can be passed around and used in your code. It's similar to a function, but it can capture and store references to variables and constants from the surrounding context.


What is the difference between a struct and a class in Swift?

The main differences are that structs are value types and classes are reference types. Structs are copied when they are assigned to a new variable or constant, or when they are passed to a function. Classes, however, are passed by reference.


What does the 'weak' keyword do?

The 'weak' keyword indicates a reference that does not keep a strong hold on the object it refers to, which can help prevent retain cycles, particularly in closures and when setting up delegate relationships.


Explain what MVC is and how it's implemented in iOS.

MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. It's a software architecture pattern that divides an application into three interconnected components. Models hold the data, Views display the visual elements, and Controllers manage the interaction between Models and Views.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire an iOS app developer?

The cost for hiring an iOS app developer starts from $45/hour at FireHire, offering competitive rates for top-quality talent. Read more: How much does it cost to hire an iOS app developer?.

How do I hire an iOS app developer?

You can easily hire a developer by reaching out to us at FireHire. Our efficient process quickly connects you with pre-vetted senior-level iOS developers so you can start your project without delay. Read more: How do I hire an iOS app developer?.

How do I find an iOS developer?

With FireHire, finding an iOS developer is effortless. We have a network of over 1600 skilled talents to fulfil any developmental needs your project might have. Read more: How do I find an iOS developer?.

Why using FireHire for hiring iOS developers is the best choice?

Choosing FireHire means you get rapid access to a vast pool of expert iOS developers, robust hiring support, a risk-free replacement guarantee, and the surety that your developer has been thoroughly vetted for quality.



mfer fire hire

An expert in Swift and Objective-C, Emily has a proven track record of developing high-quality iOS apps. She excels in agile development environments and is a master at applying design patterns.


Senior iOS Developer

8 years


mfer fire hire

James is renowned for his ability to architect scalable mobile solutions for large user bases. He has a deep understanding of the full mobile development life cycle, from concept to deployment.

10 years



Senior iOS Developer

mfer fire hire
Oliver brings sophisticated problem-solving skills to the table, with a distinct focus on user experience and performance optimization. His apps consistently receive high ratings in the App Store.

7 years



Senior iOS Developer

1600+ on-demand talents

Diversity of tech expertise

& working skillset

Average time-to-candidate

5 days after kick-off.


Elevate your digital presence with our expert iOS app development services. Our talented iOS devs are ready to bring your mobile app vision to fruition with flexible hiring models including on-demand, staff augmentation, and flexible hiring options. Ensure superior app quality, streamlined completion, and ongoing support for your business needs. Connect with us and hire your ideal iOS developer today.


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